Every person or family considering a move to a retirement community is unique. Yet one question seems to be nearly universal: what about my independence?

Here at The Towers, our response to that has always been to extend rather than limit your independence. Our staff is not only competent and well trained, but also dedicated and caring. They know that by expertly handling housekeeping, laundry, cooking, yard chores and the thousand-and-one other little things that can add up, they leave you free to experience and enjoy each new day and new activity. 

We are also sensitive to changing priorities so that our support can evolve with your needs. That's why lifestyle options at The Towers include Independent Living, Assisted Living - both of which allow you to remain in your chosen apartment for as long as you are a part of our community - and a well-staffed specialized Memory Support area. 



Bill and I lived in the Boston, MA area near our families all our lives. We owned a house and were quite settled. In 2002 Bill developed Parkinson’s disease and became quite handicapped. We had reached a fork in our road of life. What do we do? Where do we go? When? We decided to go with our daughter Nancy who had moved to Richmond, VA.
Months later, Nancy drove Bill and me slowly into the driveway of the Towers Retirement Community. Impressed, yes! I noticed beautiful trees, green lawn, flowers, and a nice brick building. The lobby had a comfortable feeling. A friendly staff member greeted us as we headed toward our apartment. The apartment surprised us. It was bright, spotless and roomy with large windows overlooking the front of the building. WE MOVED IN.
The Towers is not just a retirement building to care for and assist the needy. It is a warm, comfortable, friendly place. The staff and all of the departments work together to make it as pleasant as possible.
There is continuous renovations and re-decorating going on. The hammers are always in use, the paint brushes never get a rest. The Towers is an active, well-kept, beautiful retirement/assisted living home that opens its doors to you.
I have never regretted my decision 12 years ago to move to the Towers. It is not just my home away from home, it is my “Home Sweet Home.”
— Marie Laughrea