Life Enrichment

A variety of social, educational, and cultural

opportunities are
 available to all
of our residents

A variety of social, educational, and cultural opportunities are available to all our residents. From exercise classes to movies and day trips to socials, our life enrichment programs are designed to help promote healthy and active living as well as foster personal relationships and develop a sense of community among our residents. Each day residents can participate in any number of activities, both in and outside of the community. Life Enrichment calendars are distributed to residents on a monthly basis and are available online. We also organize special one-on-one customized activities. All residents are encouraged to participate in life enrichment based on their individual interests and ability.

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Our Community Signature Programs

The Retirement Unlimited Inc. Signature programs provide luxury amenities to enhance your experience and deliver the lifestyle our residents have earned and deserved. Each of our signature programs are supported by a subject matter expert from our leadership team and have been specifically curated to allow you to have the components of the premier resident experience. For more information click below.

RUI Gives Back

#RUIGivesBack: Retirement Unlimited, Inc. (RUI) is committed to actively and consistently giving back to the communities where our residents and team members reside. Our #RUIGivesBack initiative stemmed from the involvement that many of our residents already had in the surrounding area; RUI sought to cater to that passion and incorporated the initiative into the core programming.  Now, the #RUIGivesBack initiative spans all 57 of our communities where at least one day a month is devoted to community service. Through #RUIGivesBack, we partner with local organizations and non-profits to better the life, culture, and resources of the people in our area and beyond.”

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