The ideal retirement community for enjoying an active social life and plenty of southern hospitality. 

The Hidenwood is a retirement Community nestled in the woods of Newport News, Virginia. Our community gives our residents a true feeling of Southern hospitality - where everything is "Darlin" and "someone's heart is always being blessed." Newport News is a town where friendships last a lifetime, neighbors help each other, and families have roots. Chances are, if you've lived around here or in the area you already know someone who lives at The Hidenwood. 

Apartment living at The Hidenwood is truly uncomplicated from the start. We do not require long-term contracts or exorbitant entry or endowment fees. Instead, residents pay a one-time Community Fee and monthly rent which includes weekly housekeeping and linen service, maintenance services and three chef prepared meals daily. 



I just wanted to write you and say a real “thank you” for making it possible to see my parents at this time in their lives, wake up smiling, and ready to face a new day. They have been in residence there since summer of 2012, and after some health issues, Mom was able to finally settle in October, 2012. Since day one, having their own furniture, and familiar pictures, etc. they immediately felt themselves at home.
The entire staff has been nothing but gracious to them and to us. If there was a concern of any kind, it was addressed quickly. Living out of town, my sister and I have called into the reception desk (day or night) and received immediate response, from phone being off the hook to tv “not working,” to personal comfort issues. All these moments have been handled in the utmost professional manner.
The atmosphere of the Hidenwood is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for the residents, whether needing assistance (our Mom) or independent (our Dad). Again, all handled with dignity.
We are quite pleased with the care of the coverage. The needs of both our parents have been met and when asked, they respond “thank you for finding us the perfect place to live.” They appear healthy, happy and content. Friends, after seeing them remark at how happy they seem and are quite pleased with the atmosphere of their home, to say nothing if they happen to partake of dining at the Hidenwood!!
As you can see, the family of Katherine and James Johnson are quite satisfied with the care our parents are receiving. It means everything to be able to leave and return with assurances of well-being for them.
We would highly recommend your facility to anyone needing a “new setting” for their loved ones where independence and dignity are desired
— Kathy G Johnson & Joylette Hylick
I wanted to send a note to let you know about our experience with The Hidenwood Retirement Community. I had been caring for my Dear Father, Bud in his home for 6 months. I had committed that I would care for him until the end of his life in the home he had built for our family 65 years ago. I ended up loosing my job in Michigan but to me that did not matter as I considered this a higher calling. In the back
of my mind, though, I thought there may come a time when Dad might need Assisted Living.

This past summer, I had checked out 5 different Retirement Communities in Newport News. Some were relatively new and very well appointed. I visited The Hidenwood and there was a distinct difference there. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first so I ended up dragging my Friends there as well as my husband. Each time, Barbara Deaver
graciously gave us a tour...sometimes without an appointment! On my last visit, I noticed that there was a virtual stampede of residents going to the dining room...smiling and happily chatting away. I thought to myself, “Gee, the food must be good here.”

As I peeked into the activity room where some residents were sitting, they asked if I was considering placing someone there. I told them I was looking for a place for my Father. They replied, “We love it here!...we honestly do.” They told me this WITHOUT me asking them! I thought, “People are so friendly here and they seem genuinely happy.” This was NOT what I experienced at the other retirement communities I had visited...what a difference!

As time went on, Dad began to fall more at one time cutting his head requiring stitches. In the same week around Thanksgiving, I dislocated
my shoulder. I knew the time had come where I could not adequately care for my Father the way a Professional could. I called Barbara again and
asked if I could bring my Father there for a visit and she again graciously agreed. Dad loved the Community immediately...everything about it, the food of course but even the furnishings and carpet. He said, “I could stay here forever!”.

And so the following day, I met with Barbara again. This time, I just broke down and cried I guess because this had been such an emotional
time for all of us. Barbara took me in her arms and gave me a big hug. She assured me they would take good care of Dad and I believed her. Let me say, she is one of the most authentic and caring people I have ever met.

Dad has been a resident of the Hidenwood for about 6 weeks now. He seems to really like it there...again, especially the food. But it is
more than that...he has told me about how kind and caring the staff is there, from the nurses to the chefs in the kitchen.

To me, the attitude and demeanor of the residents tells the true story of the health and vitality of a community. And at the Hidenwood, it seems they could not be more happy and vibrant. I am glad we placed Dad there and I am grateful for the care and compassion everyone shows him. We thank you, all of you.
— Joy