RUI University Fellows

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RUI University?

Retirement, Unlimited, Inc. (RUI) recognizes the importance of continuing education in maintaining cognitive functions and improving quality of life.  RUI University courses are free and open to our residents and the public. We strive to create purposeful living for all by providing accessible education and community to older adults. Each of our nine communities contains a dedicated RUI University classroom where our Fellows help us explore intellectually stimulating topics ranging from history, to technology, to zoology and everything in between! 

The heart of RUI University is purposeful living. We believe that lifelong learning supports intellectual and social wellness and have dedicated ourselves to providing free, continuing education classes to our residents and the community. Our residents value scholarship, and RUI University allows them to challenge themselves by learning something new each day.  

Our beloved RUI University Fellows are subject matter experts who enrich the lives of our residents and the community. We recruit our Fellows from all walks of life — from wine aficionados to beekeepers to astrophysicists as well as artists, authors, historians, performers, etc. To keep our classes professional, fresh, and exciting we partner with local colleges, universities, museums, and professional experts and artists.

Our residents are extremely skilled and have the opportunity to become RUI University Fellows by teaching a class or leading a Learning Lab. Our residents have taught a variety of subjects including Poetry & Music, Creative Writing, History of the Armed Forces, and more! Each Resident Fellow should be given an RUI University Fellow Name Tag to wear while leading their class/learning lab. They are to be highlighted in the catalog and spotlighted at the Scholars & Semester Kick-Off Event.

Our Fellows become a part of our RUI family. They can broaden their reach throughout our ten Virginia communities, or add depth with multiple classes within their local community. RUI University provides classrooms, fitness areas, computer assisted presentation equipment, movie theater, multipurpose rooms, and facilities for hands-on activities, like painting, cooking, wine tasting, etc. to allow for a broad range of classes to educate and enrich our population.

 Our residents are well-traveled and come from many professions —business, medical, legal, military, and government, just to name a few. They come with lives full of rich experiences and carry their curiosity and thirst for knowledge into their senior years. Your Fellowship with RUI University instills important knowledge, fights cognitive decline, and helps foster a feeling of connectedness between our residents and the world.

 RUI University follows a semester schedule which last three months and allows for our Fellows to teach serried classes that keep our residents engaged for the entire semester! 

Do you want to share your expertise with a diverse audience who has a desire to learn? Become an RUI University Fellow today! Simply contact us at with a description of your expertise and what type of class you would like to bring to the university. We offer courses seven days a week and at all times of the day, mainly focusing on the 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 6:30 pm time slots. We are always expanding and looking for new and fresh ideas and cannot wait to add you to our RUI University family.

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