Memory Care - Inspiritas


The word Inspiritas means "to infuse spirit and enliven quite so."

Inspiritas offers an innovative and truly compassionate approach to a superior quality experience for our residents with dementia. It is an all-encompassing culture and environment in which our residents are set up to flourish. Inspiritas is comprised of wellness, life enrichment, dietary, and most importantly, the resident and their families who are engaged in our environment and activities - moment to moment and day to day. 

Everyone has an important role to play in our residents' lives and all are essential to success. Our Inspiritas team focuses on what the resident can do for themselves and provides thoughtful support with knowledgeable coordination of services in our spacious, inviting, state-of-the-art communal areas and private units. We are here to celebrate life with our residents while maintaining their safety and comfort. 

Our Inspiritas "neighborhood" is secured for resident safety yet still offers beautifully designed life havens, interactive art, as well as private garden and courtyard areas. Each resident receives compassionate care to meet their emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and cognitive needs. Above all, we provide our residents with smiles, personalized attention, encouragement, hugs, and family members with peace of mind