Welcome to Heatherwood.

Heatherwood is nestled in a charming residential setting in Burke. Here, you'll thrive in a warm and gracious setting, surrounded by neighbors and staff who will come to feel like family. You'll also have peace of mind, knowing that we're a Retirement Unlimited community, family-owned and operated in Virginia with a proud 30+ year tradition of providing exceptional care for senior adults.

 Life Enrichment Program


Heatherwood is my home. It is not just my apartment that is my home, but the whole complex is my home. The Lobby is the living room where you meet and greet all your family and friends. The very small library is a quiet place to read and reflect. Sometimes I of down early before lunch or even breakfast and sit in the Bar and Grill and read the Washington Post and the USA Today. The Bistro, of course, is where everyone hangs out. There is a door that leads to the outside Grill. Roger rules in the Bistro- coffee, wine, pastries, toothpaste, other batch and kitchen articles you might need, Roger, as I said, takes care of everything we need.
— Nancy B. - Resident of Heatherwood
My mom has lived happily at Heatherwood for about 8 years now. She has made many friends and enjoys the musical programs and exercise classes especially. But her favorite activity is the poker club every week! I am reassured that the nursing staff is there 24/7. They always call me if there is any problem, such as a fall, and they are very kind and attentive to her. Bryan, the administrator, has an open door policy should any concerns arise. Even my mom’s sweet housekeeper is so kind and protective of my mom. My mom is happy and safe.
— Cynthia C., Family Member
Several friends recommended Heatherwood to us when we were looking for a safe place for our Mom. We anticipated a difficult transition but were delightfully surprised by the family feel from all the staff - from the receptionist at the front desk to maintenance. Modifications to mom’s apartment were made to make day to day living easier. She has friends she calls by name - she participates in daily activities and especially enjoys Bible study! To know she is being well cared for brings such a peace of mind. Every resident wears a beeper to call for help. Staff must be by her side to turn the notification off so attention comes promptly! We LOVE that Heatherwood is a smaller facility - if feels very much like a community to my mom. A wonderful physician visits weekly - seeing many patients and my mom loves that he is so accessible to her! I wish I could give them 6 stars! Hands down we would make the same decision again!
— Pam S., Family Member
My father-in-law has been living at Heatherwood for a year and half since his wife passed away. It was a big adjustment for him (coming from a single family home in Sterling) and he suffers from slight dementia. Heatherwood has been awesome, a very caring group of people. It didn’t take him long to feel at home. He prefers the comfort of the lobby over his cozy but lonely apartment. He likes to watch the comings and goings at Heatherwood. They have lots of activities (from bingo to movies to bringing in local entertainment) and they always encourage him to attend them. He does many of them and even remembers a few of them. They have a wide variety of weekly outings, too, like boat rides and local concerts, they go fishing and picnic at Burke Lake. I am so happy to see him engaged with others, even if he doesn’t remember many names. Heatherwood is a perfect choice for him. I love that he has his independence but is never really alone.
— Mary K., Family Member