Top Activities to Engage Residents in Assisted Living Communities

The days can be long for older adults living in Assisted Living facilities. One way to distinguish a vibrant Assisted Living community from one not so vibrant is by the quality and number of Assisted Living activities offered.

Here are some thoughts for someone choosing an Assisted Living facility for a loved one.

How to Spot a Vibrant Senior Living Community

Unfortunately, many Assisted Living communities rely on Wheel of Fortune to provide mental stimulation and entertainment to their residents. But it takes more than TV, puzzles, and mediocre exercise classes to keep the mind sharp and promote a sense of well-being. Here’s how to spot senior living communities that offer fun, mentally stimulating activities.

Look for learning opportunities for your loved one.

It turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Look for a senior community that offers activities that encourage mental stimulation. While many Assisted Living facilities have book clubs, some take it a step further and offer lifelong learning courses on history, music, wine, or even foreign language classes. 

Ask about exercise and wellness options.

Older adults must maintain as much of an active lifestyle as possible. Regular exercise is essential for physical health and cognitive function. Classes are often an enjoyable way to add daily exercise for assisted living residents. Look for courses for various fitness levels – from ballroom dancing to tai chi. 

Check out the outdoor living spaces.

Does the schedule include outdoor activities for residents? Spending time in the great outdoors may be vital for your loved one’s mental health. 

Your loved one deserves to be pampered!

Some Assisted Living facilities offer spa services for senior citizens, so look for this when touring a prospective community. Your loved one will feel like their best self after getting a manicure, pedicure, or massage.

Inquire about trips into the community. 

Some activity directors are great at scheduling events and field trips in the community. Your loved one won’t feel isolated when they can attend local sporting events, concerts, and other attractions in the area. Your loved one with an adventurous spirit may perk up with these activity offerings – especially if they had become isolated before moving into the facility.

Hairstylist giving older woman a haircut at salon

Ask to see the Assisted Living activity calendar when touring prospective facilities.

The best Assisted Living communities offer fun activities to keep their residents engaged. Ask to see their calendar of events – or better yet, their app that keeps their residents informed of all that is happening in their community.

If you are looking for a facility with top-tier Assisted Living activities, schedule a tour at a Retirement Unlimited community. Ask about RUI University, RUI Fit, our RUI Leash on Life pet concierge service, and LUXE Unlimited spa facilities. We have a full calendar of engaging activities designed to maintain or improve cognitive functions and physical health. Visit today to see our seniors in action! 

Questions To Ask About Assisted Living Activities

  • What kind of learning opportunities do you offer your residents? What creative ways do you keep them engaged?
  • Can you tell me about your wellness program? Does it include outdoor activities?
  • Do you offer hair styling services, manicures, or pedicures?
  • Tell me about the special events that you provided within the last month.
  • Can I see your activity calendar or app?

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