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Paint & Sip: Mary Cassatt

In this 90-minute class, we will explore the work of Pittsburgh native and 19th-century woman painter Mary Cassatt.  Overcoming opposition from both contemporary culture and her own father, Ms. Cassatt ultimately developed a fascinating partnership with French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas.  Ms. Cassatt is best known for her dignified portrayal of women and her exploration of their inner lives. The class will begin with a 20-minute PowerPoint lecture highlighting Cassatt’s most famous paintings and analyzing how her strong composition and pale palette add a depth of emotion in her representations of women and children.  A 50-minute practicum will follow the lecture.  As a group, we will produce a copy of a Cassatt painting, replicating her unique palette and composition.  Upon completion of our paintings, we will participate in a 20-minute critique of our paintings.

Earlier Event: September 11
Later Event: September 14
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