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The Origins of American Music Part ll

  • Ashleigh at Lansdowne (map)

Join host Josh Urban for a detailed examination of the music of Postwar America.  Continuing from the roots of ragtime, jazz, and Delta blues in the previous session (The Origins of Rock n’ Roll), participants will explore how these musicians harnessed the fire of the times, and created a sound that still echoes today.  In our first class, we will be discussing Sweet Home Chicago, where new inventions are born, and new musicians roll into Chicago, destined for history. America has the Blues, and it never sounded so good.  In our second class, Josh will be discussing the Fabulous Fifties: the guitar goes electric, the war is over, and something is happening to the jukeboxes. Our last class will be the Bright Sunshine: in this class we will learn how Sam Phillips and Sun Records changed the world by discovering Elvis, Johnny, Roy, Jerry, Carl, and many other popular artists.