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Elaine de Kooning: Energized Forms

  • Ashleigh at Lansdowne (map)

In this 90-minute class, we will explore the work of Elaine de Kooning. De Kooning was an Abstract Expressionist and Figurative Expressionist painter in the post-World War II era. Early in her career, much of her work was composted of watercolors and still lives, and later much of her art fused abstraction with mythology, primitive imagery, and realism.

The class will begin with a 20-minute PowerPoint lecture examining de Kooning’s most famous works. A 50-minute practicum will follow the lecture. As a group, we will produce a copy of a de Kooning work, replicating her energetic abstraction of the human form. Upon completion of our painting, we will participate in a 20-minute critique of our work.