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Edgar Degas: Movement, Color and Studies in Isolation

  • Ashleigh at Lansdowne (map)

In this 90 minute class, we will explore the work of French artist Edgar degas, famous for his paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings, more than half of which depict dancers. Although Degas is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism, he preferred to be called a realist and was particularly interested in depicting movement of dancers, racehorses, and the nude female form. The class will begin with a 20-minute PowerPoint lecture contrasting Degas’ early realism with his later impressionist-styled works. A 50-minute practicum will follow the lecture. As a group, we will produce a copy of a Degas painting, replicating his fascination with movement. Upon completion of our painting, we will participate in a 20-minute critique of our work.

Earlier Event: April 25
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