Assisted Living vs. Independent Living: Making the Right Choice

Retirement home with Independent Living and Assisted Living options.

You know it’s time to move, but perhaps you are struggling to decide between assisted living vs. independent living. Here are some things to consider about independent living and assisted living communities to help you select the right choice for you or your loved one.

Differences Between Independent Living and Assisted Living

It’s hard to make broad statements about independent or assisted living communities because services vary at each facility. Here are some general statements about the level of care you would expect from these two types of living situations.

Independent Living

Independent living communities are a great place to enjoy retirement.

An independent living community allows you to maintain your independence without having to mow the grass, replace leaky faucets, and clean extra rooms that you no longer use. Instead, you can spend your new-found free time enjoying your favorite pastimes and hobbies – and take advantage of programs offered by the senior living community.

And you won’t be alone, as people living in retirement communities often choose the lifestyle to connect with other people who are at the same time of life.

senior woman gardening at an independent living facility

Independent living communities are convenient and comfortable.

Independent living costs vary greatly, depending on the services offered by the independent senior living community. Some offer casual and fine dining options and concierge service. 

Others have on-site housekeeping and laundry services, a salon, workout facilities, and transportation services. Independent living communities give you the chance to live your best life.

Assisted Living

You still can maintain independence by living in an assisted living community.

Please understand that while there is a difference between assisted living and independent living communities, you can still maintain a great deal of independence while living in an assisted living facility. You can add or subtract services as needed. However, knowing that medication administration, nursing care, and medical services are available may bring peace of mind to your family members.

caretaker and senior in an assisted living facility

Assisted living facilities also offer assistance with activities of daily living.

One of the main differences between independent and assisted living communities is that assisted living services can include help with bathing and dressing – often referred to as the activities of daily living. Assisted living residents can also be helped with medication management – as most communities have licensed nurses on site 24/7.

Learn About Independent Living and Assisted Living in Your Area

Retirement Unlimited, Inc. (RUI) is a family-owned company offering senior living communities throughout the United States. We provide several options, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

Schedule a tour of a local community near you to learn more about the difference between assisted and independent living communities by filling out the contact form on our website.

Key Takeaways About Different Types of Senior Living Communities

  • Independent living communities offer programming that helps residents learn and grow during retirement.
  • Independent living facilities are convenient and comfortable.
  • Assisted living facilities offer help with the activities of daily living if you need assistance.  


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