Welcome to Aarondale. 

Beautifully situated in a private, meticulously landscaped setting  surrounded by lovely gardens, walkways, and towering trees, this charming assisted living community for seniors offers gracious amenities, southern charm, and exceptional individualized continuing care and assistance. 

Discover our beautifully appointed, light-filled apartments and community areas. Here, residents experience effortless living, unparalleled hospitality, and the many benefits of state-of-the-art programs and facilities. Our compassionate care and 24/7 controlled access provide residents and their loved ones with a sense of relief, and peace of mind. And our convenient location, just minutes from Washington, D.C. and surrounding communities, is close to major access routes. 



From the very first day that my mother arrived at Aarondale until her last moment, each and every one of you was beyond wonderful. Your love and caring made all the difference in how mother was able to face each day.
— M.S.
My mother enjoyed her life at Aarondale. from the first day, she said “I have lots of friends here.”
— J.P.
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Aarondale’s care for my mom. Each transition was so well handled that my Mom, who normally worried about everything and did not like change, appeared to fit in comfortably and feel safe with each move. Your entire staff has done a great job, too, and made years that could have been very trying for my Mom, very comfortable for her. They brought out her piano playing talent and interacted with her so nicely that she never seemed to feel alone or neglected.
— C.B.
I remember as we walked through the front doors, I must have expressed a great deal of relief at how attractive and well-maintained Aarondale was. The care manager who accompanied me said “Ignore all this. The most important thing to consider is staff turnover.” He pointed out that RUI had among the lowest staff turnover rates in the field. Now, many years later, I have come to see how correct he was, and how vitally important the people who work at Aarondale are. I’m sure you can understand how much more confident one feels about entrusting the care of your loved one to staff whose familiar faces you see every visit.
— B.V.
The holiday gala was the best one we’ve attended. The staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. Every one of the staff, whether nursing aides, administrators, or servers had sincere smiles on their faces, and none of them showed (what I know was) the exhaustion they were feeling after all of the prep work to put on such a nice event. It’s one thing to present such a positive and comfortable atmosphere within the physical plant, but quite another feat to hire, motivate, and keep your caring staff. Excellent job.
— K.S.