Assisted Living & Memory Care

Members of the Aarondale team respect the dignity and individuality of each resident, and are committed to their physical, social, and emotional well being. Transition assistance for incoming residents is offered, as well as four levels of specialized, comprehensive, compassionate care. Age-In-Place and Hospice options are also available.

Individuals and/or couples with differing care needs are welcome here. All care plans are regularly reviewed and re-evaluated by the nursing staff, and are highlighted by individualized assistance and freedom to make daily choices. Attending physicians are available on the premises, as well as Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy and Rehabilitation services. Plus, for added safety and peace of mind, our 24-hour Nursing team conducts safety checks for all residents every two hours throughout the day and night. 


Assisted Living

Aarondale determines each resident's Care Level based on their own Physician's History and Physical report, our free Nursing assessment and the state of Virginia Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI). You can call or visit our Community for more details and to get an estimate of which level of care you or your loved one may need. 

Based on an assessment of your needs, we help you choose a level of care designed just for you:

  • Level A - Introductory Level of Assistance
  • Level I - Minimum Assistance
  • Level II - Moderate Assistance
  • Level III - Extended Assistance
  • Level IV - Highest Level of Assistance
  • Inspirit'as- Memory Care

Memory Care | Inspiritás

Inspiritás, devoted to residents with impaired memory, is a unique holistic program designed to celebrate life with residents, while maintaining their safety and comfort.

Our Inspiritás “neighborhood” is secured for resident safety yet still offers beautifully designed life havens, interactive art, as well as private garden and courtyard areas.

Our goal is to ensure each resident receives compassionate care to meet their emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and cognitive needs. Above all, we provide our residents with smiles, personalized-attention, encouragement, and family members with peace of mind.

Aarondale Ambassador Program

At Aarondale we strive for each resident to have a seamless transition into their new home. To facilitate this, we proudly announce the "Aarondale Ambassador" program. This program offers a 16-hour individualized orientation into the Aarondale Community. Your Ambassador is a staff member from the Life Enrichment Department who becomes the first point of contact as the new resident begins their transition. The Ambassador serves as part of the move-in team troubleshooting the needs and request of the family and/or resident.